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      Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Finehope) affiliated to POWERCHINA SEPCO I, is a comprehensive

      equipment manufacturing and hi-tech company, integrating design,

      manufacturing, installation, renewal, maintenance, technical &

      operational service and steel structure. It is the vice-president unit of the China Electricity Council Power Station Equipment Association and

      member unit of the Shandong Province Association of Special


      More than 300 partners

      More than 400 large-scale power projects


      Customers in more than 100 countries around the world


      Happy New Year 2021
      A new year is arriving, and we will all have a fresh start. On this occasion, we would like to extend holiday wishes and sincere gratitude to leaders, clients, friends and partners at all levels who c
      Finehope and Wantian Jointly Contribute to the Construction of Beijing City Subsidiary-Centres
      Four 1000tm tower cranes independently designed and manufactured by Shandong Fenghui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. have been put into use in Beijing's Tongzhou District. It is the fruits of the strategic cooperation between Finehope and Wantian Machinery, which will boost the construction of the Greenheart Starting Area Library project of Beijing City Subsidiary-Centres.
      “FINEHOPE” Shining Stars in Indonesia Weda Bay Project
      On January 2, 2020, FINEHOPE (Fenghui Technology) had completed the foundation of the fifth FHTT730tm tower crane in Indonesia Weda Bay project and prepared to start installation. Within six months, F
      The WGQ500t mast crane successfully completed the load test and was put into service
      The WGQ500t mast crane independently developed by Shandong Fenghui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed its load test and was put into service on December 25. It is mainly designed fo

      Provide high quality products and excellent service

      Service center

      Continuous innovation and improvement

      Case ccenter

      Information disclosure

      Component Benefit Alliance Realizes Win-Win with Users

      Address: (250200)No. 1996, century avenue,

      Zhangqiu district, Jinan city, Shandong province
      Phone: +86-531-81793160   81793161 
      Fax: +86-531-81793168
      www.fhjs.net       www.imma-maui.com
      E-mail: finehope@sepco1.com


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      Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd