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      Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

      Address: (250200)No. 1996, century avenue,

      Zhangqiu district, Jinan city, Shandong province
      Phone: 0531-81793160   81793161 
      Fax: 0531-81793168
       www.fhjs.net       www.imma-maui.com


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      Talent is the most valuable resource for the company. Fenghui Technology constantly improves the talent training mechanism, and through the formulation of long-term effective talent training and development plans, rationally excavating, developing and cultivating outstanding talents, and providing strong support for the company's sustainable development.
      The company firmly grasps the construction of talent team, adheres to the principle of “practical, practical and practical”, and takes education and training as the carrier, and with the strategic cooperation relationship with Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong University, Tongji University and other institutions of higher learning, the company's industrial design, product development, Talents such as technical management are trained, relying on the well-known university in the country, Harbin Institute of Technology, to implement the master's training program and build a backbone team.
      Through the use of experts, cooperative development and other means to borrow talents, while paying attention to the introduction of talents, each year a group of well-known domestic college graduates come to Fenghui to work, injecting new vitality into the company's scientific and technological development. In the use of talents, the company has recruited a group of young employees with rich experience and solid business knowledge to important positions such as technology research and development, testing and inspection, and created a team of expert talents with good business level and high professional quality. .