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    Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

    Address: (250200)No. 1996, century avenue,

    Zhangqiu district, Jinan city, Shandong province
    Phone: 0531-81793160   81793161 
    Fax: 0531-81793168
     www.fhjs.net       www.imma-maui.com


    WebPage ?Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd 魯ICP備05024737號-1  Power by:www.300.cn


    Business management
    Release time:
    2018-09-27 19:52
    Shandong Finehope Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Finehope) affiliated to POWERCHINA SEPCO I, is a comprehensive equipment manufacturing and hi-tech company, integrating design, manufacturing, installation, renewal, maintenance, technical & operational service and steel structure. It is the vice-president unit of the China Electricity Council Power Station Equipment Association and member unit of the Shandong Province Association of Special Equipment. Finehope has been endorsed with National Special Equipment eight grade A, three grade B and four grade C qualification, super-large crane manufacturing qualification, First-class Steel Structure qualification and Second-class Steel Structure Professional Contracting qualification and pressure vessel D1 and D2 manufacturing qualification.
    The company has established Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Tower Crane Engineering Technical Research Centre and Integrated Test Base of National Tower Crane Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, having strong strength in R&D, manufacturing and hoisting technical counseling service.
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